Legislative Toolkit
Association and Advocacy Toolkit

Tools for establishing associations, growing membership, fundraising, and more.

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Tools to support state licensure, scope, and insurance coverage campaigns as well as materials for federal advocacy.

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Tools to get visibility for your initiatives, including press releases, FAQs, and public relations resources.

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Resources for overall legislative processes including background on the profession and specialty focuses.

Model bills, lessons learned, facts and figures, fact sheets, crafting legislation, and more.

Work regarding Veteran's Administration inclusion, access to compounded medications, and insurance coverage.

Documents regarding opposition from medical societies, health freedom policies, or general opposition.

Sample letters of support and legislative testimony.

Statistics on licensing board complaints, lawsuits, and other research.

The Goal: Licensure of NDs in all 50 States

The AANP’s number one advocacy priority is licensure of Naturopathic Doctors in all 50 states by 2025. In recent years, the AANP has implemented many measures in support of this goal.

  • Annual state advocacy grant program: since 2015, the AANP has awarded $115,500 to state associations to support licensure efforts.
  • Employment of a full-time Director of State Relations to support state efforts.
  • Creation and support of the State Alliance pre-licensed advocacy team: a group of state leaders from pre-licensed states that meets monthly to support one another with advocacy efforts.
  • Creation and support of the State Alliance post-licensed advocacy team (PLAT): a group of leaders from regulated states that meets monthly to advance scope and related efforts.
  • AANP Advocacy and Association Toolkits - these toolkits started several years ago and now contain a plethora of resources to support all aspects of state association operations - from starting a state association, to fundraising and membership, to advocacy efforts and beyond. We are here to support you.