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Student Representatives
AANP Student Representatives are AANP student members enrolled in one of the 8 accredited naturopathic medical schools in the United States and Canada. There is one student representative for each school. All enrolled students are invited to apply.

The Responsibilities of the Student Representatives is to be the face of the AANP at the school you are currently enrolled in. The main role is to act as a critical component of effective communication between students and the AANP. The student rep term depends on the expected gradation year. We’re looking for enthusiastic, pro-active ND students who want the opportunity to share the core beliefs of the AANP, promote membership and encourage engagement.

Requirements of Student Representatives
  • Serve on the AANP Diversity + Inclusion Committee task force, assisting with projects and efforts
  • Contribute to our student communications, for current student members and prospective members, e.g. news updates, and upcoming events
  • Play an integral role in shaping the support and services that we offer
  • Commitment to;
    • attend monthly Diversity + Inclusion Committee meetings
    • help us develop student initiatives and benefits
Why Become an AANP Student Representative? 
The AANP believes that all students should have a voice, and the ability to make real change. You will act as a conduit between students and the AANP.

What's in it for me? 
As well as playing a crucial role in the student experience there are benefits to you personally. 

In return we’ll offer you the opportunity to;

  • Help shape the future of your profession
  • Enhance your learning opportunities
  • Improve your skills and employability, adding an asset to your CV
  • Be part of a passionate team dedicated to improving the naturopathic profession 
  • Make a positive contribution for your fellow students
Complimentary benefits include:
  • Complimentary AANP Membership
  • Recognition on the AANP website
  • Volunteer opportunities at the DC FLI and AANP annual convention in exchange for complimentary registration
  • Free ticket to attend the AANP Annual Convention gala celebration

If interested
Email a copy of your CV to member.services@naturopathic.org, and include a brief summary about why you would be the best candidate for the Student Rep position.



Ana Rodriguez, Bastyr Rep (WA)


Ana is a fourth year ND student and second year acupuncture student at Bastyr University. She is passionate about advocating for health equity and providing access to quality, naturopathic health care to those in underserved areas. She is currently an ambassador for INM, Bastyr Chapter, and is working with her peers on community outreach projects in hopes to increase awareness of naturopathic medicine in conventional medical communities, build relationships with community clinics in the area, increase access to naturopathic medicine for people in low income or underserved populations, and increase opportunities for naturopathic students and naturopathic doctors. Her goal is to provide education about naturopathic medicine and create partnerships between various types of healthcare providers in order to benefit the overall health of communities.

Hind Alzawbaii, Bastyr Rep (CA)


Hind Alzawbaii is a 3rd-year naturopathic medical student at Bastyr University California. She is president of the community outreach club where she is honored to represent her school and serve the community. She has a background in psychology and biology. She discovered naturopathic medicine when she was looking for ways to integrate alternative medicine with her western medicine education. She is passionate about natuuropathic medicine, especially the focus on treating the root of the problem instead of covering only the symptoms.

Michael Robinson, NUHS Rep


Michael is a third year Naturopathic Medicine student at National University of Health Sciences and a second year Masters of Applied Clinical Nutrition student at New York Chiropractic College. He is also the Fellow of Clinical Sciences at NUHS in the Clinical Diagnosis department. Michael is very active in advocating for and advancing the profession. He is the Legislative chair for the NMSA Chicago Chapter, has attended DC-FLI for the last three years in a row, and has lobbied at the state level in Springfield, Illinois. Michael is also the past president of NDS, a Naturopathic Medicine fraternity at NUHS, focused on mastering clinical skills, and introducing and perfecting new therapies to the NUHS student body. He’s excited to get the students more involved in profession advancement at the only ND school in a pre-licensed state.

Merci Wells, NUNM Rep


Merci is a third year student of Naturopathic Medicine and Global Health at NUNM. She attended DC FLI and the AANP annual convention earlier this year and her mind was blown at the progress happening in the profession. Merci was living as a farmer with her husband and one-year old on Kauai, Hawaii when she discovered naturopathy. When an ND helped her heal from a GI condition that other docs scratched their heads at, she knew she had to pursue this path to help others to heal. Her background is in teaching yoga and fitness as well as educating internationally for an herbal supplement company. A native Texan, Merci is inspired to help foster student’s invaluable connection with the AANP and to support Naturopathic medicine to become globally recognized.


Katelyn Lieb, UBCNM Rep


Katelyn is a 2nd year student at the University of Bridgeport College of Naturopathic Medicine. She holds a Bachelor’s in Nutrition Science from Syracuse University. She is a Pathfinder Scholar at the Center of Excellence, researching individualized and generative medicine under Dr. Peter D’Adamo. Katelyn is also a Student Ambassador for UBCNM and Integrative Medicine Chair for NMSA, UBCNM Chapter. Katelyn volunteers at the New York Association of Naturopathic Physicians Annual Conference and is looking forward to legislative advances in her home state. She is passionate about nutrition education and her goal is to expand the global and everyday understanding of naturopathic medicine. She is excited to begin clinical years and foster the growth of students’ involvement in professional development of the field.