Expanding Access to Naturopathic Medicine at the State Level
State Advocacy
Monitoring, Advocating, and Supporting State Advocacy

The AANP supports the naturopathic profession by monitoring, advocating, and providing technical assistance and support for state-level licensure campaigns, scope expansions, rules and regulations processes, and sunset reviews.

Partnering with state and specialty affiliate organizations, the AANP tracks legislative issues, compiles research data, develops issue briefs, and engages state policymakers in support of the naturopathic medical profession.

Key areas of focus include advancing ND licensure to all 50 states, defending and expanding of scope of practice in regulated states, and seeking insurance coverage and reimbursement equity for NDs.


Access Association & Advocacy Toolkit

The AANP's primary objective is to secure licensure in all 50 states for naturopathic doctors who have graduated from CNME-accredited naturopathic medical schools. We work closely with our state affiliates, providing state grants, technical support, template materials, coordinated messaging, and assistance with research.

Supporting State Licensure Campaigns

In the last four years, FIVE states were successful in passing bills to regulate Naturopathic Doctors. The AANP supported all of these licensure bids and is currently supporting active bids in multiple states across the country - and building the pipeline of other states as they ramp up for campaigns in the coming years. What states should you be watching? Bookmark the AANP Legislative Action Center for more information!

Action Center

State Advocacy Grants

The AANP also provides DIRECT FUNDING to support licensure campaigns in the form of advocacy grants. Since 2016, the AANP has awarded $115,500 to 14 state ND associations to advance their efforts. The grant application is open twice a year, usually in January/February and again in October/November. Join your state affiliate to get plugged in!

The 2020 State Advocacy Grant Application is now OPEN!

Apply for State Advocacy Grant

Join the Pre-Licensed Advocacy Team

Once a month, the AANP hosts a pre-licensed team call to support leaders of ND associations who are pursuing licensure. The group is open to all pre-licensed state leaders. Representatives of the Institute for Natural Medicine, the Federation of Naturopathic Medicine Regulatory Authorities, and the Naturopathic Medical Student Association also participate in the calls.

The pre-licensed team shares resources, tips, materials, and strategies for how to effectively get naturopathic medicine regulated in all states. Members regularly share files and resources in the Association & Advocacy Toolkit, a resource for members so you never have to reinvent the wheel! Contact the AANP's Director of State Relations for more information.

Advocacy Toolkit

State Association Technical Support

The AANP works with NDs in pre-licensed states to form, develop, and enhance state associations. Areas of support include fundraising, membership, organization processes and procedures, board development, and more. The AANP toolkit is rich with resources, and assistance for state leaders is just a phone call away!

Association Toolkit

Scope of Practice

Naturopathic doctors are trained in four year accredited naturopathic medical schools as primary care providers, although some naturopathic doctors also choose to specialize.

Scope of practice is regulated by state law and varies from the limited authorization to diagnosis and treat in some states, up to full recognition as primary care providers with authorization to prescribe, do minor surgery, and deliver babies in others.

Especially in this time when we are facing a shortage of primary care providers in every state in the country, the AANP works with our affiliates and state legislators to fully utilize naturopathic doctors to the top of their education and training.

Wondering which states have scope expansions pending? Check out the AANP Legislative Action Center.

Action Center

Join the Post-Licensed Advocacy Team

Once a month, the AANP hosts a monthly post-licensed team call as a resource to state leaders in regulated states. The post-licensed team shares resources, tips, materials, and strategies for how to advance scope or secure insurance coverage of patients who choose to see a naturopathic doctor. Members regularly share files and resources in the Advocacy & Association Toolkit, a resource for members so you never have to reinvent the wheel!

Advocacy Toolkit

Rules and Regulations Technical Assistance

The work of state leaders doesn’t end when they cross the finish line to licensure - in some ways, the work is just beginning! The AANP supports state ND associations as they navigate the rules and regulations process, and as they face sunset reviews.