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Do NDs Take Insurance?

Depending on where you are seeking naturopathic medical care, your doctor may take insurance. Please inquire with your doctor to see if they accept insurance.

Some insurance plans do offer coverage and patients can ask if they can be preauthorized for their visit. Other insurance plans offer reimbursement for services and supplements after the visit is already paid in full. This often requires obtaining a superbill or service summary from your doctor at your visit. You may also need a letter of medical necessity for services rendered and treatment prescribed.

Whether or not your insurance company will cover any or all of your visits can also largely depend on the type of coverage you have. You may want to contact your insurance company to find out what your policy covers. When you call your insurance company, please be sure to let them know your naturopathic doctor is a licensed primary care naturopathic physician in the state in which you reside. Many patients do get at least partial reimbursement for their visits, and standard laboratory tests are often covered by insurance.

Many naturopathic doctors (NDs) require payment at time of service, but are happy to offer a superbill/service summary that has all the billing codes so that patients may work with their insurance company to see if they can get reimbursed for care. Overall, the best thing to do is call the doctor's office and find out their financial policies in advance, if your goal is to have your visits covered by insurance.

Map of Regulated States with Insurance Coverage