The House of Delegates is the principal policy-making body of the AANP.  Delegates represent constituent associations, which include state associations, colleges, and specialty, affiliate, and student organizations.

The role of a delegate is unique, in that they vote and represent the voice of all naturopathic physicians from their respective constituencies. Delegates are responsible for communicating House activities (i.e. bylaws changes, position papers, etc.) to their constituent associations. This provides an opportunity for constituents to provide feedback and comments to their Delegate. Delegates then report that feedback back to the House and vote on House activities based on the feedback from their constituents. Delegates must be current AANP members.

The House of Delegates function is to:

  • Amend the Corporation Bylaws
  • Adopt official Corporation Code of Ethics, Definitions, Standards, and position papers developed in cooperation with the Board, Committees or Taskforces of the Corporation
  • Hear reports from Corporation officers and leadership
  • Advise or recommend action to the Board of Directors by means of House resolutions
  • Represent their constituents and communicate to them Corporation information and actions
  • Provide leadership and participate as members in Corporation committees and taskforces
  • Adopt Rules for House procedure
  • Nominate and elect the officers of the House of Delegates

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HoD Governing Documents
House Rules, Duties & Responsibilities, Bylaws, and Position Paper submission forms.

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Delegate Roster
Delegates are elected by affiliate leadership and represent the affiliate.

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HoD Library
Find past meeting minutes, resources, and position papers.

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Constituent Associations
Contact information for state and specialty associations which Delegates represent.

What Do Delegates Do?
Delegates are expected to attend the HoD annual meeting (most commonly held the day prior to the opening of the annual AANP convention), and all other official interim meetings.
We want to ensure the voices of all NDs are heard. That's why delegates educate their constituents on all important business and actions of the HoD. This allows for constituents to review and provide feedback on business, when appropriate.
Delegates provide input and vote on agenda items based on the priorities of the state association, affiliate, college faculty or student organization with which they are associated.
Delegates volunteer to work on at least one HoD Committee based upon their expertise, interest and availability. View HoD Committees here.

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