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Federal Advocacy Campaigns
Federal Advocacy Campaigns
Opening doors to advance your practice

Through its Advocacy Center in Washington, D.C., the AANP promotes policy advancements that benefit NDs and their patients, protects regulatory provisions for the medicines used by NDs, and promotes the advancement of naturopathic philosophy in public health policy.

Our strategy encompasses policy development, lobbying on Capitol Hill, regulatory engagement, and engaging our members and affiliates in grassroots advocacy.

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What we do

The AANP works to build relationships with policymakers at all levels of government and mobilizes doctors, patients and advocate communication with lawmakers that ultimately delivers the strongest message.

  • Federal Lobbying: We engage directly with lawmakers to advocate for policies that support the naturopathic profession.

  • Regulatory Advocacy: We study and evaluate regulatory proposals that could impact the profession, submit comments and testimonies to federal agencies, and engage directly with federal agencies’ leadership to promote our goals.

  • Participation in Coalitions: Advocacy is most effective when large groups representing the same interests with compatible points of view collaborate. We work with a wide range of partners in the health care field to amplify our voice.

Key priorities

The Veterans Administration and the Department of Defense are embracing Whole Health initiatives that embody the very essence of naturopathic philosophy. The AANP works with various individual VA facilities and nationally to open doors for veterans to access the services of NDs.

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Each year, the number of seniors who qualify for Medicare increases and so does the need to provide them with greater choice in health care. A major AANP legislative priority is to get licensed naturopathic doctors included in Medicare so that seniors can be covered for care that can prevent many types of chronic illness and improve patients’ quality of life by alleviating the need for expensive drugs and surgery.

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Since enactment of the Drug Quality and Security Act (DQSA) in late 2013, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has gone significantly beyond the letter of the law in developing regulations that would limit access to safely compounded medications, especially those that are natural or herbal, and their availability for office use. The AANP is working with a coalition of provider groups to protect patient access to these life-saving natural compounded alternatives to pharmaceutical drugs.

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The AANP has submitted comments to the FDA to defend homeopathic products. Our comments support the Citizen's Petition submitted by the Americans for Homeopathic Choice (AHC), who seek to advocate for an updated approach to the regulation of homeopathic products. Notably, our comments emphasized the importance of a trained health professional’s role in working with homeopathic products and treatments as different from over-the-counter (OTC) considerations, which seems to be the focus of the FDA

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