AANP Annual Convention Exhibit & Sponsor



The AANP has changed it's 2020 Convention to a virtual format, with a virtual exhibit hall.

Please contact AANP staff at events@naturopathic.org for information and questions.

The American Association of Naturopathic Physicians (AANP) invites you to exhibit and sponsor at AANP 2020, the Annual Convention. AANP 2020 is the foremost educational event in the field of naturopathic medicine. Exhibit and sponsor at this Convention to gain visibility and a competitive edge in the natural medicine marketplace.

Each year we look forward to coming together as a community to learn, attend meetings, network with each other and with you, our industry partners. While we will miss getting together in Denver, this pandemic will not stop the AANP from convening as a community when we need it the most. It is more important than ever to come together, meet business objectives and interact in a reimagined virtual way. Instead of envisioning the future of business, we will be living it, becoming more sustainable and powerful than ever before!

Here is information that we know now for exhibitors, with more to be shared as soon as it is finalized.

How will my exhibitor registration convert to a virtual event?

The AANP 2020 trade show will be virtual, and this includes an online convention exhibit “space.” The virtual booth in some ways offers more dynamic interaction than even a face-2-face live show. We’ll know more when we finalize which platform we’ll engage, but the virtual space will have the ability for you as a vendor to:

  • upload videos for attendees to watch
  • upload content such as press releases, white papers, product test reports, research and collateral
  • showcase products and services through images, description and video
  • interact in real time with visitors, one-on-one or in a small group
  • video conference and/or offer demos in real time
  • capture leads, both live interactions and silent visitors.

There will also be text-chat social and video networking rooms that you can join and interact with attendees to capture leads and participate as an expert in your field. We’ll have some innovative traffic drivers as well. It’s all designed to enhance your visibility and the visitor experience.

What recognition and benefits am I going to get?

  • Company logo and listing on the AANP virtual convention exhibitor page
  • Company listing in the AANP virtual Buyer’s Guide and convention program
  • Post-convention attendee contact list (opt-ins)
  • Comp virtual convention booth badges/registrations (with one (1) full CE)
  • Virtual Exposition breaks each day of sessions
  • Virtual booth and platform with on-demand presence through 12/31/2020 with visitor post-event access to booths, presentations, documents, videos, etc. (residual SEO and leads long after the live show)

Bonus for exhibitors - no travel or shipping expenses! If you’d like to learn more about the virtual conference or discuss options and/or cancellation, please contact events@naturopathic.org or call 202-849-6306