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DC FLI 2019


Start planning your trip now & reserve your hotel room! The DC FLI will take place June 8-10

Held annually in the spring, the AANP DC FLI leadership & advocacy training in Washington, D.C., which culminates in a lobby day on Capitol Hill, will hone your leadership skills, increase your lobbying effectiveness, and give you the opportunity to advocate for the changing face of health care. This is your time to shine! Your participation is essential to federal recognition of the naturopathic profession in EVERY health-care reform initiative.

The DC FLI will train you to represent the profession through interactive workshops, culminating with meetings on Capitol Hill. You'll also benefit from AANP State Alliance sessions, including an exploration of student involvement in state associations. View the agenda here. 


The DC FLI attracts leaders across the profession.  It’s where the most exciting advocacy work of the AANP happens.
  • The FLI builds momentum 
  • The FLI builds recognition on Capitol Hill of who we are and what we do 
  • The FLI builds confidence in our message and our spirit 
  • The FLI builds camaraderie
  • The FLI builds relationships
The first two days are set at the Georgetown University Hotel & Conference Center.The third day takes place entirely on Capitol Hill. The energy and fun of the FLI are palpable! View our AANP DC Dining Guide for restaurant suggestions while you're in town.

By participating in the FLI, you’ll not only boost NDs’ priority national advocacy goals... 
  • You’ll hear from thought leaders both inside and outside of the profession
  • You’ll make terrific contacts from across the country
  • You’ll bolster your own state association’s ability to make legislative strides
  • You’ll also build or polish the skill of confidently presenting yourself


The DC FLI is an unparalleled opportunity to grow in your chosen profession, to boost your own state association’s advocacy work, and to advance our most important shared national goals. Be part of the enthusiasm and the electricity that comes from the shared commitment to transform America’s healthcare!  Join in the 2019 DC FLI. 

1. Protect Patient Access to Compounded Medications (H.R. 1959)
H.R. 1959 would allow compounding pharmacies to distribute compounded drugs for office-use in all states that allow it, and would clarify that FDA should allow natural and herbal ingredients for compounding in addition to those that are pharmaceutical drugs. Participants will ask members of Congress for co-sponsorship and a hearing for this bill.
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2. The Mainstreaming Addiction Treatment (MAT) Act (H.R. 2482)
Medical professionals need a special DEA waiver to prescribe buprenorphine to treat substance use disorder, which leads to treatment bottlenecks and a lack of providers. NDs are highly effective at treating pain with non-pharmacological approaches, but in many states also have authority to prescribe opioids and controlled substances in their scope of practice (OR, AZ, VT, CA). However, NDs are not currently eligible under federal law to apply for this DEA waiver. This bill eliminates the redundant, outdated requirement that practitioners apply for a separate waiver to prescribe buprenorphine for substance use disorder treatment. If prescribing DEA Schedules III-V is in the scope of practice of naturopathic doctors as defined by state law, then they would be part of the solution to address America’s opioid crisis. Participants will ask members of Congress to co-sponsor this bill.

3. Congressional Integrative Health & Wellness Caucus
In the midst of the largest American health crisis in recent history, this Caucus will provide legislators and other policy and regulatory officials the opportunity to understand how shifting the focus in healthcare to prevention, health creation and health promotion can result in considerable cost savings while improving health outcomes for all Americans. Participants will ask members of Congress to join the Caucus.

Follow-Up Templates:
1. Needs Follow Up - House or Senate
2. Materials Dropped Off House - Senate
3. Thank You- House - Senate

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Early Bird Rate (ends 5/2) $135 $165 $35
Regular Rate $165 $200 $50

Questions? Email us at 
programs@naturopathic.org or call us at 202-237-8150.