AANP 2019 Convention & Exhibition Schedule
10:00am - 4:45pm
Summit on the Future of Naturopathic Medicine

Over 100 naturopathic doctors, students, and allies came together last July at the Summit for the Future of Naturopathic Medicine, a pre-convention session at the 2018 AANP Convention & Exhibition. We kicked off a year-long conversation to shape a shared vision for the future of our naturopathic profession, and have held three video conference listening sessions over the last year to collect feedback.

The ongoing conversation has had the purpose of identifying common themes impacting the profession, ranging from core identity, to education and research, and financial success/sustainability. The team of leaders representing naturopathic organizations from all sectors of the profession have worked to distill what we have heard from the community over the last year into a shared actionable agenda for advancing naturopathic medicine. Now we need your voice to complete the journey.

All NDs, ND students, and people working to support our ND institutions are invited to attend this day-long facilitated summit to bring together all of the input and insight from the last year of conversation and to forge a collaborative forward path for the profession of naturopathic medicine.

Maggi Beeson, ND
Jeana Kimball, ND
Laura Farr (AANP)
Michelle Simon, ND, MPH (INM)
Joann Yanez, ND (AANMC)
Harry Swope, ND (NMI)
Emily Telfair, ND (AANP State Alliance)
Ryan Bradley, ND (NUNM Helfgott)
Blake Langley, ND, LAc (NMSA)
Pamela Snider, ND (Foundations of Naturopathic Medicine)
Rebecca Colwell, Facilitator
6:00pm - 9:00pm
House of Delegates

The 2019 House of Delegates meeting will consider three topics. The first two are proposals to change AANP bylaws to add an ex-officio seat to the AANP board of directors for the Naturopathic Medical Student Association and the Institute for Natural Medicine. The third is to review and discuss information collected by the Washington Initiative Task Force regarding the resolution passed in 2017 to research if there are different organizational models that would allow the AANP to work more collaboratively and efficiently with its state and specialty affiliates.

We encourage all affiliates to select a member of your board as your delegate so that your leadership can participate in this extremely important conversation that may impact all AANP affiliates.

AANP House of Delegates
Thursday - 6 CE Available, including 1.5 Pharmacy CE. 19 CE total available for the convention, including 7.5 Rx. Add a post-convention Sunday workshop for 3 more CE.
Mentorship Breakfast - Learn from naturopathic VIPs in this roundtable meet and greet session!
Keynote - The Foundation: The Role of Metaphysics in Science and Medicine: Does Vitalism Have a Place in the Science of Naturopathic Medicine?

Examine metaphysics and worldviews: what are they, what role do they play if any in science and medicine; can they be subjected to rational critique; is Vitalism a metaphysic; does it have a role in the science of Naturopathic Medicine? We will briefly explore the historical spectrum of worldviews from vitalism to scientific materialism, implications of different world views, risks of dividing “dogmatically” and missing opportunities for scientific advancement and clinical effectiveness.

Senior Health Policy Researcher
RAND Corporation
Break & Exhibit Expo
Breakout A - Phase 1, 2 & 3 Estrogen Detoxification

Estrogen goes through phase 1 then phase 2 detoxification known collectively as estrogen metabolism. Once water soluble, estrogen must leave the cell and enter phase 3 detoxification. The purpose of this lecture is to review estrogen metabolism from start to finish, including the genetics involved, the microbiome’s influence and discuss various treatment options to improve both phase 1, 2 and 3 detox to help reduce estrogen dominance and estrogen-based cancer risk in both men and women. Case examples will be included.

Breakout B - First Do No Harm: Practicing medicine in the time of #MeToo

Statistically speaking, 1 in 3 women and 1 in 4-6 men have experienced sexual trauma in their lifetime. In reality, vastly more have been affected by it. Trauma history can present in myriad ways in clinical practice and it is important to be prepared to hear these stories and help patients move toward healing. Topics in this presentation include: identifying/exploring the power differential between doctor and patient; creating safe space; defining trauma/traumatic experience; active consent during physical exams/procedures; common physical/emotional sequelae of trauma; treatment options for helping patients move through trauma; and self-care for the provider.

Breakout C - Use of Injection Therapies

This lecture is courtesy of the NMSA conference, which is co-located with the AANP convention, and qualifies for CE.

Breakout A - Sex Ed for PCPs

Are you having the important conversations about sex with your patients? As PCP's it's important we keep up with current gender descriptors, common sex practices and our ability to engage with patients in a way that supports a healthy sex culture for the men, women and children in our practices. Consent is an important concept we should be exemplifying with our patients from an early age. The ability to climax or education around safe exploration of fetishes or "deviant" sexual behaviors are important aspects of health that are rarely addressed in family practice. This session will help attendees increase their comfort in having (age and culturally appropriate) conversations around sex and sexuality with their patients.

Breakout B - Delivering Naturopathic Care Into Community Health Programs

This session will describe program implementation of naturopathic practices in community health programs, covering how to integrate into local programs and engage patients with more effective naturopathic based approaches. Additional insights will cover evidence-based selection and use of omega 3 and Hemp oil complex for pain & inflammation support in community health programs as well as natural nutritional solutions to improve glucose control will be presented.

Breakout C - Ayurvedic Medicine & Naturopathy

This lecture is courtesy of the NMSA conference, which is co-located with the AANP convention, and qualifies for CE.

Lunch & Exhibit Expo
Breakout A (Vendor Workshop) - Lyme, Mold, and Dysbiosis – Connections to Chronic Illness

Botanical Strategies for Multi-Pathogen Illness. Sponsored by Bio-Botanical Research

Breakout B (Vendor Workshop) - SIBO: update on diagnosis and management

SIBO is not a straight-forward condition to diagnose and treat. It tends to be relapsing and recurrent in the majority of cases. Comprehensive treatment directed at modifiable causative factors is essential for long-term success. In this update I’ll share my clinical experience and the lessons I’ve learned from experts in the field. Attendees will be given the evidence-based information and resources they need to provide state-of-the art care for their patients with this common condition. Sponsored by: Nutritional Fundamentals for Health

Breakout C - Revolutionizing Pediatric Medicine: Integrative Approaches to Managing Autism and ADHD

This presentation will delve the etiology, the latest research, clinical presentation and the most effective integrative approaches for managing Autism and ADHD. There will be a concentrated focus on the impact of neurological nourishment through targeted supplementation, dietary changes and calming techniques.

Break & Exhibit Expo
Breakout A - Opioid Prescribing Guidelines for Both Acute & Chronic Pain (RX)

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention published opioid prescribing guidelines in March 2016, with which every practitioner should be familiar to their patients and their practices. The implementation of opioid prescribing guidelines will help to reduce the risks associated with long-term opioid therapy, including opioid use disorder, overdose, and death. In addition, the naturopathic physician's role in reducing this public health crisis will be elaborated.

Breakout B - Naturopathic Guide to Dementia

This talk will help attendees understand how Alzheimer's Disease develops in the brain, and what types of testing and diagnostic questionnaires can be done in order to help get to underlying issues as well as track progress of patient care. The presentation will focus on the natural products with the most promising research on effect on brain health and memory, as well as what lifestyle and diet changes are foundational in slowing and reversing cognitive decline and dementia.

Breakout C - Homeopathy: Strange, Rare, Peculiar & Complete Symptoms

This lecture is courtesy of the NMSA conference, which is co-located with the AANP convention, and qualifies for CE.

Breakout A - Growing Your Online Exposure and Impact

Dr. Trevor Cates will cover how to use your website, online interviews, webinars, social media, email campaigns and other online tools to build and engage your patients and followers. This can help with growing your practice, building your brand, making you an “expert” in your field, launching a new book and online product sales (such as supplements and info products), ultimately helping you make a greater impact in the world by bring more people to naturopathic medicine.

Breakout B - The Methane Conundrum: SIBO or LIBO?

Methane dominant small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO) is well known to cause constipation. Breath tests are useful in helping to diagnose these patients by the diagnostic rise in methane by 90-120 minutes. But what about patients whose methane levels are high and stay high? New terminology of “IBS-C methane positive” has been introduced to differentiate these cases from true methane SIBO. In this talk Dr. Jacobi will discuss the ancient methanogen M.smithii and its implications in small and large intestinal overgrowth. She will also present data on the significance of M.smithii with H.pylori infections. Naturopathic treatment options, such as dietary approaches, herbal and nutraceutical interventions, pre and probiotics, as well as targeted therapies such as improving butyrate production and case presentations will also be discussed.

Breakout C - Modulation of LPS & Immune Regulation w/ use of Botanicals (.5 RX)

Our understanding of immunotolerance and autoimmunity, through gut based exposure, has grown exponentially over the years. This broadened understanding of gut based immune priming elucidates new targets for immune regulation in autoimmune conditions. As our understanding of the microbiome increases, we can understand the mechanisms that skew and support immune tolerance and T-cell differentiation. A key regulator in many autoimmune conditions includes the interaction between LipoPolySaccharide (LPS), a bacterial endotoxin, and Treg cells.

HAPPY HOUR in the Exhibitor Hall!
NERC Reception
School Receptions & All Schools Dance
7 CE Available, including 3 Pharmacy CE. 19 CE total available for the convention, including 7.5 Rx. Add a post-convention Sunday workshop for 3 more CE.
BREAKFAST SESSION - CBD Case Studies and Clinical Pearls: Anxiety, Depression, and Sleep (.75 CE)
Keynote - The Present: Bridging the spectrum of the therapeutic order

Drs. Jared Zeff and Bruce Milliman, and Drs. Letitia Dick-Kronenberg and Jaquel Patterson will pair off to review case studies in treating two common conditions. These providers have different practice approaches, in different environments and with different patient demographics, but share a passion for and expertise in using “the least force” with their patients. This panel will present their perspectives on what they mean by “least force”, the power of least force medicines and interventions, HOW to clinically navigate , evaluate, manage and remain confident in our powerful, vitalistic, lower force interventions; and when and WHY to scale up in challenging clinical situations, both acute and chronic. Using an array of clinical examples, and sharing their wealth of knowledge with each other and with you, join these amazing physicians as they share, explore with each other, and engage/guide you. They will demonstrate how, why, and under what circumstances to embrace the least force with confidence, and to establish a framework for how to, as Dr. Milliman says: "know when to hold ‘em, know when to fold ‘em, know when to walk away and know when to run." Panel moderated by Pamela Snider, ND.

Break & Exhibit Expo
Breakout A - Sleep as Symptom

In this interactive presentation, Dr. Neustadt reviews the neurobiology of the sleep-wake cycle and discusses the impacts sleep has on endocrine, immunological and psychological function as well as comorbidities that are caused by, and due to, disrupted sleep. Pharmacological and integrative approaches to sleep disorders will be discussed, as well as the evidence supporting psychological approaches (eg, cognitive behavior therapy), meditation, yoga, exercise, dietary modifications, dietary supplements and medications. Attend this talk to find out how you can improve clinical outcomes, how a clinical intake for sleep could result in a cardiac workup and what Dr. Neustadt's "joy shirt" that he'll be wearing has to do with getting a great night's sleep.

Breakout B - 30 years of Useless RX (RX)

The most useful and interesting pharmacy CE lectures you will ever attend! Rather than learn how to use new drugs and support Big Pharma, we will learn from drug mechanisms, actions and pharmacokinetics so that we can do a better job practicing naturopathic medicine. One of the fundamental characteristics of naturopathic medicine is our willingness to translate new developments in medical science into naturopathic medicine. This lecture will look at new science, new drugs and new ideas current in medical science and translate them into naturopathic thinking, protocols and understanding so that our profession may keep up with those guys in the white coats while remaining true to our calling.


Efficacy of the Autoimmune Paleo Diet as part of a multi-week, supported lifestyle intervention for Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, by Adam Sadowski

Nutrition Support Formula May Improve Folate, Red Cell Distribution Width (RDW), and Neutrophils in Adults with Crohn’s Disease and Ulcerative Colitis, by Jennifer Ryan, ND

Antimicrobial activity of Aromatic Constituents from Essential Oils, by Mareshah Abers

Breakout A - A Prolotherapy Primer & Naturopathic Pain Management (RX)

With regenerative injection therapies becoming all the rage, it's important to know that there are powerful and safe regenerative techniques available to Naturopathic physicians that do not require expensive or highly invasive procedures such as stem cells. When addressing true biomechanical pain, therapies like Prolotherapy are natural, potent, affordable for most and lasting. We will also cover the when, where, how, why and who on applying this therapy or refer out for it, as well as where it is NOT a good therapy for our patients. Clinical cases from over a decade in practice will be presented as examples of when/where simple dextrose prolotherapy outshines more intimidating and cost prohibitive therapies such as PRP and stem cells. Phamacology and MOA of solutions used will be discussed (local anesthetics and dextrose).

Breakout B - Homeopathic Prophylaxis and Treatment of Epidemics and Pandemics

According to WHO and CDC, infectious disease outbreaks are on the rise. In the absence of highly effective treatments for the management of epidemics and/or pandemics, as alternative health care providers, we have the social responsibility of offering the world an innovative epidemic and/or pandemic response plan. Homeopathy has had an extremely impressive documented historical record of effectiveness in treating life-threatening diseases. During this presentation, Dr. Sharif will discuss the homeopathic prophylaxis and treatment of many potentially deadly epidemics including, most importantly, the feared pandemic influenza. He will also propose a pandemic response plan and will gather live feedback from the audience on how to best handle such crises.

Breakout C - The Neurobiology of Movement (this session is 11:00 - 12:30)

This lecture is courtesy of the NMSA conference, which is co-located with the AANP convention, and qualifies for CE.

Lunch & Exhibit Expo
Breakout A - Integrative and Homeopathic Management of PANDAS

What if your patients are actually sick when they look like they are “crazy?” Pediatric Autoimmune Neuropsychiatric Disorders Associated with Streptococcal Infection (PANDAS) is a severe, sudden onset of mental, behavioral and neurological symptoms, and it doesn’t remit with commonly prescribed conventional therapies. This presentation will give practitioners the tools to improve diagnosis and management of Pediatric Autoimmune Neuropsychiatric Disorders Associated with Streptococcal Infection (PANDAS), reviewing integrative and naturopathic therapies before diving into an in depth exploration of homeopathic management through case presentation and analysis. Targeted homeopathic remedies will be reviewed for important keynotes.

Breakout B - The Gift of Tick-Borne Disease in Healing Trauma: The Psycho-spiritual complexity of these misunderstood microbes

The presentation will focus on the impact of infection on mental, emotional and physical body, including archetypes and common manifestations of patient behaviors that are more commonly seen; as each of the common tick-borne diseases usually have a personality that can help identify the infection when labs are inconclusive. Diseases covered will be Lyme disease, Bartonellosis, Babesiosis, Ehrlichiosis/Anaplasmosis, and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. The discussion will address the correlation of a patient with trauma in their history with a distorted belief (conscious but more likely unconscious) leading to distorted biological programs and weakness in energetic body which then impacts one’s experience of symptoms.


Validation of topical botanical treatment efficiency for adults and children suffering from mild to moderate atopic dermatitis, by Michael Traub, ND, DHANP, FABNO

Pediatric Nature Exposure for Mental Health: A Narrative Review, by Lauren McKinney-Mandych

Effects of Pau d' Arco on primary dysmenorrhea, by Christine McClure

Break & Exhibit Expo
Breakout A - Queering Naturopathic Medicine

This presentation will explore the legal and ethical responsibilities naturopathic physicians have in relation to cultural competency, with a specific focus on working with patients who are LGBTQ2S-identified. Using an anti-oppressive lens, we will explore the current available research on healthcare discrimination and cultural competency practices. The focus will then shift to building awareness of our own potential for implicit bias as practitioners. Multiple scenarios and case examples will be used to increase capacity and develop specific tools for working with diverse patient populations. By the end of this session, participants will feel more confident in their abilities to offer an inclusive and LGBTQ2S-competent practice.

Breakout B - Pharmacological & Pharmacogenomic Basis of Cannibinoid Theraputics (RX)

The presentation will start with a detailed review of the human endocannabinoid system; including the endocannabinoid producing enzymes, endocannabinoid precursors, endocannabinoid molecules, receptors and degradation enzymes of the endocannabinoid system. The role of the endocannabinoid system and homeostasis will be presented in the context of human physiology and disease. Phytocannabinoid theraputics will be presented from the perspective of pharmacology and pharmacogeniomics. Providers will gain clinical confidence in cannabis therapies.

Breakout C - Gemstones for NonNeedle Acupuncture (this session is 3:30 - 5:00)

This lecture is courtesy of the NMSA conference, which is co-located with the AANP convention, and qualifies for CE.

Breakout A - From Heart Disease to Menopause & Depression

The hunt for chronic inflammatory markers which point to a clear clinical intervention has been going on since the advent of lab diagnosis. For the first time in public forum, unique data covering heart disease, depression, autoimmune to menopause will be presented in forum. Additionally, naturopathic models of inflammatory reversal will be presented with follow up lab analysis confirmation.

Breakout B - How Else To Be An ND

There is a common misconception that the only career option open to those with an ND degree is to start your own small, private practice. As the field evolves, an increasing number of NDs are using their skills in careers outside of private practice. This talk will be a panel discussion with thought leaders in the field of naturopathic medicine using their degree in innovative ways and bringing the ND credential to fields beyond direct patient care.

Breakout C - Strange, Rare and Peculiar - A Culture-Centered Approach to Health Communication (this session is 4:45-5:45)

This lecture is courtesy of the NMSA conference, which is co-located with the AANP convention, and qualifies for CE. Dr. Sara Polanco is a Naturopathic Physician practicing in Cap Haitien,Haiti with Naturopaths Without Borders (NWB). She enjoys teaching subject matter about which she is passionate including Cultural Humility in Medicine, Community Health Worker Trainings, and Group Visit models and Community Medicine Intensives. In her free time she loves to dance and learn new dance as a form of cultural expression, most recently learning the local dance of Kompa in Cap Haitien.

PRESIDENT'S RECEPTION - A dinner cruise along the Willamette river. Boat leaves promptly!
6 CE Available, including 3 Pharmacy CE. 19 CE total available for the convention, including 7.5 Rx. Add a post-convention Sunday workshop for 3 more CE.
BREAKFAST SESSION - Understanding the Microbial Endocrine System, with Guy Citrin, ND, sponsored by Microbiome Lab
Would You Pass NPLEX Today? Final Round NMSA Cup

Test your knowledge in this trivia final round with teams of students from every school. Would you pass NPLEX if you had to take it today? Are you up to date on the latest in physical exams, pharmacology, and naturopathic know-how? Find out how well you fare compared to the recent grads who just took NPLEX last week. This counts for CE!

Break & Exhibit Expo
AANP Annual Meeting - Open to All
Breakout A - The Ethics of Dying: Person-Centered Naturopathic Approaches to Dying & Death

The ethics of dying reveal themselves in unique and illuminating ways through the principles and practice naturopathic medicine. In natural medicine, dying well is as integral to health as living well. In the problem-framed model of conventional medicine, with its emphasis on disease, the death of the patient inherently constitutes a failure of intervention. Applying naturopathic principles during the dying process strengthens a clinician’s ability to serve the person and effectively coordinate therapies and facilitate collaboration among caregivers and family members. The ethics of challenging situations common with dying patients and practical tools for serving your patients and working with those involved will be discussed. Participants will break into groups and work with three aspects of clinical care: Awareness and preparations for dying, the dying person who is our patient, the patient that has experienced a death of a loved one.

Breakout B - How Did That Drug Get in This Bottle? (RX)

Drug discovery is a complicated, lengthy process using tremendous resources of time, creativity and money. As medical practitioners trained in primary care and increasingly prescribing pharmaceuticals, it helps to understand the process of drug discovery and which drugs actually come to market. As licensed naturopathic doctors we may well be employed in the pharmaceutical industry now or in the future. And more to the point, it is helpful to understand how drug discovery influences nutriceutical tools including propriety blend creation, trial design and research study outcomes, and ultimately, how we use natural medicine products with our patients.

Breakout C - 10 American Herbs You Don't Know but Should be Using (this session is 11:15-12:45)


Breakout D - Modified Nasal Specific Theory

Prerequisite for Dr. Saine's Post-con workshop.

Lunch & Exhibit Expo
Breakout A - Do Diabetes Drugs Reduce Heart Risks and Improve Mortality? (RX)

Although hyperglycemia is the hallmark of diabetes, the greatest risk of death from diabetes is from heart disease. Over the last decade the Food and Drug Administration has required demonstration of cardiovascular safety for all newly approved diabetes medications. What have we learned from these recent trials? In addition to glucose lowering, at least two classes of more recent diabetes medications, including glucagon-like peptide 1 (GLP-1) agonists and sodium glucose co-transporters (SGLT2) inhibitors, have demonstrated not only cardiovascular safety, but also reductions and cardiovascular events and suggest improvements in mortality in those taking these drugs compared to placebo. These recent trials have broadened the role of endocrinologists to also pay attention to cardiovascular risk management. What is the role (and responsibility?) of the ND in this discussion? If pharmaceutical drugs are proven to reduce mortality, does a ND have a responsibility to discuss these drugs with patients? Does the counseling change if the drugs have serious, or even inconvenient, side effects? How do we determine risk:benefit ratio for situations that require consideration of the “lesser of two evils” perspective, e.g., statin-induced fatigue vs. mortality benefits. This presentation will provide an overview of recently approved drugs for treating diabetes, including prescribing and management tips for these drugs, as well as, an overview of recent trials detailing their cardiovascular effects. Experiential components will include case scenarios peers will be encouraged to discuss with their peers, provide answers to surveys from their mobile devices and participate in group discussions.

Breakout B - Botanical Medicine: Research Update


Breakout C - Global & Community Health

Et harum quidem rerum facilis est et expedita distinctio. Nam libero tempore, cum soluta nobis est eligendi optio cumque nihil impedit quo minus id quod maxime placeat facere possimus.

Breakout D - Modified Nasal Specific Theory

Prerequisite for Dr. Saine's Post-con workshop.

Breakout A - You're Not The Boss of Me!!

Many mothers and fathers struggle with parenting, from getting through the daily routine without constant discord to working with children who have more challenging behaviors. From kids who talk back, to kids who won’t cooperate, to those who lie or hit or spit or kick, this presentation lays out common scenarios and teachable approaches to share with frustrated parents in your practice. By teaching and supporting positive parenting, we help families raise children with self-esteem and self-agency while creating more harmonious homes.

Breakout B - Hypothyroid: Problem or Primal Perfection? (RX)

The thyroid gland has become an unruly scapegoat in the pasture of self-help and wellness. Why is the thyroid gland erroneously blamed when she might be doing her job, perfectly? Humans, like most other organisms, have evolved to favor anabolism and not surprisingly, our endocrine system is brilliantly prepared to preserve capital. New research further humiliates practitioners’ best intentions when thyroid support stimulates thyroid hormone deactivation. Physicians err on the side of giving a nutrient or medication for hypothyroid, but clinicians must know when thyroid intervention—natural, synthetic, T4 and/or T3—creates more problems than cures and what to do about it.

Breakout C - Biotherapeutics of Mushrooms

This lecture is courtesy of the NMSA conference, which is co-located with the AANP convention, and qualifies for CE. (this session is 3:00 - 4:30

Breakout D - Modified Nasal Specific Theory

Prerequisite for Dr. Saine's Post-con workshop.

KEYNOTE - The Future: Vitalism and Value

Vitalism has made a major comeback as “contemporary vitalism,” paralleling the rise in scientific research on prayer, intention, the biofield, natural systems and consciousness in healing, as well as the investigation of energy. Based on traditional healing practices the conversation in health care has moved beyond health creation to include global vitalistic healing practices which are now being understood as based on actual, regular phenomena or “laws” of healing, health in illness which are being rigorously documented (based on observing clinicians in practice) operate in and among all living "ecophysiological” systems. Walk through this broad range of futures for the naturopathic profession that can come out of diversity in worldviews, with an emphasis on vitalism and value - the rich potential for scientific discovery and clinical solutions.

Mr. Bezold is a political scientist, author, futurist and a founder of the Institute for Alternative Futures as well as its for-profit subsidiary Alternative Futures Associates.

9:00am - 12:00pm
Concurrent hands-on workshops. Each workshop is 3 CE. Sign up for the post-convention Sunday workshops for 3 more CE.
Manipulation Pearls: Practical Applications for Shoulder Girdle Manipulation

The most common displacement patterns of the shoulder girdle will be described. This will include the gleno-humeral joint (inferior and anterior), the acromio-clavicular joint (superior), and the sterno-clavicular joint (medical and anterior). Differential diagnoses of shoulder girdle conditions will be discussed. The manipulative techniques for correction will be demonstrated and an opportunity for practice of the techniques by the attendees will be provided.

Dextrose Naturopathic Injection Techniques (Pre-Prolo Injections) Sold Out!

Post-Conference Workshop showcasing safe, effective and low-cost soft-tissue injections that can be implemented into practice on Monday morning. While prolotherapy and deeper soft-tissue injections can be daunting and intimidating for many physicians to learn, there are a few very safe and simple techniques that require only a short (safe) needle and minimal orthopedic diagnostic skills. These are simple and fast to learn, safe and effective for the patient and cost-effective for both practitioner AND patients. Nerve and soft-tissue pain can easily be decreased and managed with these simple techniques which I learned from my mentor, Dr. Rick Marinelli and have tweaked and honed myself over the past decade in practice. These are a combination of neural, meso and peri-neural injections utilizing nothing more than low concentrations of dextrose and a fairly non-invasive needle. Practitioners simply need to show up excited, willing and bold enough to learn to apply these therapies. A focus on the rationale, pharmacology and MOA of dextrose vs local anesthetics will be addressed as well as needle safety, skill and finesse will be emphasized. These therapies are available to any Naturopathic physician who seeks to learn and implement them. No need to always jump to expensive or invasive procedures like PRP or stem cells to help our patients in an effective and affordable way bedside. This is what I consider “Pre-Prolo” for patient care as not all patients require deeper/invasive therapies to cut their pain. Elegant and natural solutions are available.

Modified Nasal Specific

Dr. Saine's workshop will cover both modified nasal specific and Boyd's dural stretch. This session will cover background history to the BNS; anatomy of the skull and nose & palpitation; respiratory motion; examination of the patient; indications and conditions that have responded well to BNS; contraindications, precautions, side effects & complications; informing patients; equipment; tying the finger cots; insertion; insufflation; demonstration & practice; prognosis; frequency of treatment; case histories; and testimonials.

*Dr. Saine's workshop contains 3 hours of theory on Saturday as concurrent sessions of 1 hour/session between 11:45 - 4:10 during the Convention, and 3 hours of hands-on workshop Sunday. Participants must attend all three of Dr. Saine's theory lectures in the Saturday concurrent sessions in order to attend this post-con hands-on workshop Sunday.

Top to Bottom Review of Comprehensive Medical & Physical Assessment: 25 common and Don’t miss diagnoses seen in naturopathic primary care

This session will provide a refresher on ~ 25 common and “Can’t Miss” diagnoses that present in naturopathic primary care settings (i.e. Depression, acute otitis media, acute appendicitis). We will review and practice the physical examinations and discuss which signs and symptoms are most accurate. Please bring your diagnostic equipment for this hands on session, and wear comfortable clothes so you can practice exams with your colleagues. Perfect for any practitioner moving from a pre-licensed to licensed state, or working in a state poised to convert from pre-licensed to licensed, or simply anyone wanting to brush up on the latest tips and techniques for performing a solid physical exam!