AANP Committees
AANP Committees 
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Have a say in your leadership. The AANP has multiple committees looking for talented leaders. See below and email the committee chair in order to join. 

AANP Committees
The Communication Committee charges are:
  • Developing and maintaining a Rapid Response Spokespersons team to act as the voice of the profession for general health news articles and interviews
  • Issuing Naturopathic Perspectives on Trending Topics statements (distinctly different from position papers which need HOD approval)
  • Optimizing AANP’s communications and interface with social media, influencers in the profession, proficient writers and communicators, web content & SEO experts to improve both internal profession communications and external community communications.
  • Informing and improving upon AANP’s intra-professional reach and advocacy efforts
  • Develop and continuously evaluate Crisis Prevention and Response Plans in coordination with the INM.

Committee Chair: Desta Golden, ND, MS

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The Scientific Affairs Committee provides analysis and input to the Board to:
  • Stimulate research that supports the public policy goals of the AANP.
  • Facilitate improvements in naturopathic research infrastructure.
  • Develop NDs with research talent and experience.
  • Assess strategies to better coordinate the resources of the research entities.

Committee Chair: Eliot Edwards, ND, FABNO

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The State and Federal Affairs Committee provides analysis and input to the Board to:

  • Promote the inclusion of naturopathic doctors and services in federal and state law, regulations, and programs.
  • Protect and define references to Licensed CAM providers and Integrative health practitioners in the Affordable Care Act.
  • Remains current on state and federal opportunities, challenges and strategies.

Committee Chair: Karen Frangos, ND, PT

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The charge of the Global Health Committee is to:

  • Improve the profession's recognition of significance of and access to education on cultural humility and how to apply it in practice in a rapidly globalized world.
  • Establish training benchmark standards for the competent global health naturopathic doctor.
  • Form and enhance relationships with local natural health organizations abroad that have potential to eventually create collaborations.
  • Advocate for our medicine in glocal (global as local) environments.
  • Maintain a strong and effective collaboration with the WNF at the World Health Assembly to maintain global political participation.

Committee Chair: Ginger Sweetan, ND

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The charge of the Professional Affairs Committee is to provide analysis and guidance to the Board and act as resource to the CEO on issues relating to professional affairs, including:
  • Process for handling professional complaints to AANP
  • Review of bylaws of any organization seeking affiliation with the AANP
  • Enhanced communications with members and the House of Delegates
  • Strategies to enable members to develop successful practices
  • Current health care reform and reimbursement structures

Committee Chair: Tyna Moore, ND, DC

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The Nominating Committee is a standing committee established in the bylaws and “shall be responsible for selected awareness of candidates most able and willing to serve the Corporation from throughout the membership”.

Committee Chair: Maggi Beeson, ND

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The charge of the Finance Committee is to work under the leadership of the Board Treasurer to provide oversight of association finances, including:
  • Ensuring appropriate preparation of an annual budget
  • Ensuring appropriate handling and distribution of funds
  • Ensuring appropriate preparation and presentation of regular financial statements
  • Overseeing, reviewing, and presenting the tri-annual audit to the Board of Directors

Committee Chair: Rick Brinkman, ND

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Committee Chair: Karen Frangos, ND, PT

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Committee Chair: Safiya McCarter, ND

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Committee Co-Chairs: Serena Aubrecht, ND & Emily Telfair, ND

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Committee Chair: Baron Glassgow

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Eva Miller, ND (Advisor) & Amy Hobson, ND (Alternate Advisor)