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Affiliated Organizations
State and Specialty Associations, and Educational Institutions

The American Association of Naturopathic Physicians works closely with a number of groups to encourage licensure and growth of scope, education, science and knowledge of naturopathic medicine.

Affiliates of the AANP are formally recognized state, specialty or educational organizations whose mission and bylaws have been approved by the AANP and found to be in alignment with the AANP’s mission and vision.

Once approved, affiliates become a voting member of the AANP House of Delegates, where they have a voice and vote on the adoption of AANP Position Papers and AANP Bylaws.

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State Associations

Your scope is regulated at the state level. Find the state association advocating for your rights!

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Specialty Associations

Find a naturopathic association that supports your area of expertise and provides a directory for your specialty.

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Educational Affiliates

Explore 6 accredited medical colleges offering the Doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine degree at 7 US locations.

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