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Coalition For Patients' Rights

The Coalition for Patients’ Rights (CPR) consists of 37 organizations representing a variety of licensed health care professionals who provide a diverse array of safe, effective, and affordable health care services to millions of patients each year.

CPR seeks to counter efforts by the AMA Scope of Practice initiative that is designed to limit patients’ choice of health practitioners. In the face of organized medicine’s latest divisive efforts to limit these professionals’ abilities to provide the care they are qualified to give, the CPR was formed for the sake of patients—to ensure that the growing needs of the American health system can be met and that patients everywhere have access to quality health care providers of their choice.

On April 12, 2010, The Coalition for Patients' Rights issued a responses to the Wall Street Journal and American Medical Association's articles about addressing issues in primary care.  Learn more here.

On June 8, 2009, The Coalition for Patients' Rights issued a press release regarding CPR's letter to President Obama about the vital roll that healthcare providers other than doctors of medicine or osteopathy (i.e., MDs or DOs) play in our nation’s health care system. Read the release.