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Pre-Con Stakeholder & State Leadership Summit

"It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change."

–Charles Darwin

The naturopathic profession, and all of medicine, is in a time of great change. In order for us to weather this change effectively, we rely on information sharing and collaboration among all stakeholders to effectively distill our profession’s goals and strategy.

Co-hosted by the AANP House of Delegates and Board of Directors, the 2nd Annual Stakeholder and Leadership Summit took place in Keystone, CO on July 9th, 2013. Over 75 naturopathic stakeholders participated in sharing ideas, challenges, and opportunites for growth as a profession and as an association. Topics covered included:

Teaming in the Naturopathic Profession: During this morning session, participants reflected and shared their ideas on how we can improve collaboration and communication between stakeholders within and between the AANP, state and affiliate organizations, and other ND-inclusive organizations to drive increased efficiency, efficacy, and profession-wide involvement.

State Licensing - A National Priority: State licensing has been identified as a top member priority for the AANP and has been a large effort for many years. Participants received a brief update on state licensure activity and brainstormed additional ideas to promote state licensure across all 50 states, pushing towards the goal of “50 in 15”!

Defining our Role in the Health Care System: As we establish naturopathic physicians as the most prominent, cutting edge group of providers in the healthcare system, it is important to know who we are and how we want to serve our patients. Participants brainstormed and shared the risks and opportunities associated with defining ourselves as primary care providers and as specialists within the insurance system and to our patients, as well as the risks and opportunities with defining ourselves at all.

In addition to these discussion topics, participants also learned more about the newly formed Institute for Natural Medicine and received an update on implementation of Sec 2706 of the ACA, related to non-discrimination.

As a direct outcome of the Summit, a House Resolution was passed at that evening’s HOD meeting to create a Teaming Taskforce to research and suggest ideas to advance our profession through increased teaming. All shared ideas will also be consolidated into a document to be shared with members.

A big “thank you” to all in attendance, and especially the presenters, facilitator Rick Brinkman, and the Summit Task Force for making the Summit a success!

For more information about the Summit and how to get involved, please email Stephanie Stark at drstark@blueoakclinic.com.